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1 February

The Big Fish Story of the Mississippi River

If you’re looking to get some fishing done on your canoe trip down the Mississippi River, beware of the White River Monster. While not quite as popular as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, this lesser known creature has risen in popularity in recent years both on television and the internet. And whether it’s a special on directv or a site on the internet, people everywhere are talking about it.

The earliest reports of the Whiter River Monster were made in 1915 when farmers began noticing an enormous creature appearing off the banks of the White River. It was described as some kind of enormous catfish with a body as wide as a car and as long as a bus. How’s that for a fishing story?

In the 1970′s, the Arkansas State Legislator even went so far as to create the White River Monster Refuge to protect the creature, but, even to this day, no one can confirm the existence of this mythical fish. Nowadays, many scientists believe what was actually seen wasn’t an enormous fish at all but a great male elephant seal. However, where there’s smoke there is often, indeed, fire and if people say they’ve seen a giant fish, you may just want to think about that the next time you try to reel in that “big one.”